LONGRICH ALKALINE CUP- Classy Style Energy π Cup

ENERGY CUP-  =N=22,800.00

Longrich Classy Style Energy π Cup

Quality Water and Health Living..

1. Our cup can effectively enhance the function of zinc ions in the water, and when you drink plenty of water you can achieve the purposes of zinc.

2. Chlorine is a strong oxidant that will destroy the oral mucosa. After boiling water, the chloroform which is formed is a strong carcinogen. The energy cup can effectively degrade residual chlorine in water, reducing injury from chlorine toxicity on the human body.

3. Ordinary drinking water molecules are not easily absorbed; the energy cup provides good solubility of small molecules of water through carbonization and electronic transfer technology to filter the water.

4. Acid in body is the source of sickness; drinking alkaline water directly and effectively changes the constitution. The energy cup can regulate the PH value of water to alkaline. This will effectively neutralize excess body acidity.


  1. Am started taking alkaline water and berry oil softgel and am passing out blood when am defecating what could be the reason

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