LONGRICH Superbklean Magnetic Panty Liner

Superbklean  Magnetic Panty Liner  =N=23,958.00

With magnetic health supplements, it eliminates odors, relieves discomfort and other purely physical reactions. Superbklean magnetic sanitary panty liner will always take care of

More Testimony from a Partner👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

This testimony made my yesterday… 💃 💃 💃 You see Sometimes when you prescribe Longrich products for people, They will think you Just want to sale. Fact remains that God is putting smile on peoples face through this products! A lady who married in 2014 and having fertility issues came to my friend Nneka Oriuwa Zik in December to ask for Longrich supplements she can take, because medically, she was diagnosed of blocked Fallopian tube And her menstrual period wasn’t regular.

After listing the Longrich prescription for fertility problems, She said she can’t afford the amount.She told her to take Pantiliners for 6weeks Because that’s the required dosage,perhaps God can use it to solve her problems. She bought packs of Pantiliners in February,She lined it for 6weeks along side the water therapy.The Lady called yesterday to inform my friend that She’s 2months pregnant.

Fertility issues differs, but don’t hesitate to recommend this products for people who are having similar problems. There’s no harm in trial. God did with just Pantiliners.

Note:When you have health challenges, tackle it with the required dosage,Some times people complain” it doesnt work “When you have irregular menstrual cycle don’t expect it to be over with one pad and One pantiliner.,Same thing applies to other health issues”We recommend God heals”


1. Corrects hormonal imbalance
2. Corrects ovulation cycle
3. Protects from infections and also disinfects.
4. Troughs a blocked fallopian tube by clearing, extracting and evacuating the obstruction.
5. Best antidote to family planning
6. Resets a displaced womb.
7. Debases and removes a developing fibroid at it early stage.
8. Relieves muscular and joint pains.
9. Dissolves tough boils and growths.
10. A great remedy to infertility.

1. Activate the pantyliner by sprinkling water on the green strip to wear.
2. Wear one, morning till evening. Replace in the evening for overnight wear.
3. Place the activated pantyliner on affected area and bandage for firmness (This applies to benefits 8 and 9).

1. NOT GOOD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. Once you are confirmed to be pregnant, please stay away from the use of the panty liner in whatever guise.

2. Item 4 under application is specifically for people with infertility issues.

3. Not for use by or on underage children.

4. *As long as a woman wears the panty liner, incidence of infection and even pregnancy remains zero. This is why a halt after six weeks is recommended for people seeking the fruit of the womb.*

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your body without any side effects.








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